Couples Series: Attachment, Communication, and Breathwork

Tickets: $330.00
Brochure for Couples Series: Attachment, Communication, and Breathwork event

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This is the workshop series MANY have asked for. It's finally here!!!

Join Me for a workshop series featuring attachment theory, communication, and breathwork. This three-part series is sure to take your relationships deeper than ever before.

Sept 14 5:30-8:30p: First class, learn about YOUR attachment style. Knowing yourself deeply can explain the WHY of the patterns that play out in all your relationships and life. The class will contain 90 minutes of education, sharing, and hands-on learning followed by a 90-minute breathwork session.

Oct 12 5:30-8:30p: How do your attachment and communication style play out in your relationships? Working on how we communicate, understand, or repair can shift our whole relationship dynamic. The class will contain 90 minutes of education, sharing, and hands-on learning followed by a 90-minute breathwork session.

Nov 9 5:30-8:30p: How does one show up from a more secure place? What skills do I need to cultivate personally and within my relationships to continue to grow into a secure adult? This class will have a guest speaker/hands-on activity, education, and a 90-minute breathwork session.

Each class builds upon the other in this workshop series, and that's not all! Each week you will also receive guided and focused exercises to do between each workshop to dive deep within yourself and build your relationship. This experience is sure to change and refine your relationship for the better.


Do we have to sign up for all dates? YES! This series builds month to month and I'm not selling partial tickets. This all-inclusive class will be an amazing set of intentional date nights sure to take you and your relationship to a deeper and fuller place.

What is a couple defined as for this series? TWO PEOPLE who care deeply about each other. Attachment theory is NOT based only on heterosexual couples and was founded on parent/child relationships. With that being said, you MUST sign up with a partner and attend with said partner. This can be romantic couples of all kinds, parental relationships, and friends. All are welcome, but I do not have space for single attendees.

Is the ticket price per person? NO! Each ticket ($330) is per couple. When you think of date night expenses I feel like this is in a very fair range for 3 dates, 3 hours each per couple. I also set up the times so people can secure child care and find dinner post-class. Children are NOT welcome in person at these workshops.

Is there a discount for Barre Members or your 1:1 clients? YES! Please contact me directly via email, DM or phone to discuss this discount. I will have guest speakers at some of the classes and I need to make sure their time is fairly compensated.

What to bring: SNACK (if you have an allergy or special diet please bring your safe foods) water, blanket, pillows, journal, workout or comfortable clothes, and a yoga mat (some available in-house).


I can't wait to embark on this journey with you. I believe these topics and workshops contain immense healing and growth. See you there!