Breathwork for Joy

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We are back at North Ogden Yoga. This location is in the historic cannery center and is surrounded by The Cannery Ice Cream Shop, Good LIfe Gemz Gem shop and more! Breathwork+Gemz+Ice Cream is really a one stop date night.

Breathwork for Joy is about tapping into this beautiful emotion using our breath. Joy can often be a hard emotion to sit with and find, so this class will be all about seeing it, holding it, laughing with it, and more. Breathwork at its core is all about using intentional breath to slow your overacting mind allowing for processing, emotional embodiedment and more. Breathwork can provide relief from stress, and pain and be like years of therapy in one session. Join us and find your way back to joy.

What to bring: a yoga mat, blanket, journal, water, pillow or bolsters, and an open mind. There are some mats and pillows at this location but if you have specific positioning needs please bring the things you need.

All participants must be 12 years old and up and SIGN MY WAIVER: